A Veteran-Led Government Consulting Company

Turtle Reef Holdings, LLC, delivers cost-effective solutions and support to the federal government on a daily basis.


TRH is a Department of Veterans Affairs-Certified Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that holds a GSA Professional Services Schedule Contract.



Ed Roden and his team delivered superior on-site audit readiness products and professional services at cost, early, and with flawless results. A dynamite team with a very positive dynamic that greatly assisted us from day one!

Amanda Colins

TRH has, again, ninth year running, successfully executed an outstanding Command Plan that greatly assisted the Army meet its strict timelines during a time when we experienced 'system challenges' requiring TRH to assist us with business flow and system corrections.

Sally Bookward

TRH is the model of comprehensive Program Management support! Their expertise, experience, and overall knowledge of Veterans Administration operations is clearly levels above all other support contractors in this business area.

David Deniels

The TRH Team educated and assisted us with our organization transformation, and that assistance generated excitement, ownership, and long-term production gains we have not ever experienced in the past!

Joshua Boykins

The TRH Acquisition Professionals greatly assisted us with federal contract pre-award, award, post-award, and contract closure tasks under a demanding schedule in a pressure-cooker work environment and TRH beat all expectations! We gladly awarded TRH a follow-on acquisition contract for another two-year period.

Wesley Jetton


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